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Spain Balearic Islands


Visit the Balearic Islands

Off the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula lies an archipelago of deliciously lovely islands in the Mediterranean sea.  The Balearic Islands are a province of Spain, listed from largest to smallest they are: Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera.  All of which are popular tourist destinations.


Three of the Islands have airports, and every day thousands of passengers from all over the world pass through their gates.  The airports act as one of the principal links to the islands, though it is also very common for visitors to arrive by boat from the Iberian Peninsula or other Mediterranean locations.  Palma de Mallorca Airport (Son Sant Joan), is located 11 km southeast of Palma de Mallorca.  Menorca Airport (Maó) is 5 km from the centre of Maó on Menorca. 

Lastly, Ibiza Airport (Sant Jordi) is just 7 km from Ibiza and 5 km from Sant Jordi on Ibiza island.  You can arrange for a car hire Balearic Islands to await your arrival at any of these three destinations, by booking a cheap rental car in Ibiza Airporthire a car in Menorca Airport, or get your Mallorca Airport car rental.



The largest of the Balearic Islands, its name derives from Latin insula maior, meaning "larger island".  Majorca has been inhabited since antiquity.  Burial chambers and traces of Habitation have been found here dating back to the Paleolithic period (6000-4000 BC).  The local economy was largely driven by Olive cultivation, viticulture, and salt mining.

Tourism has pushed its capital, Palma, to grow significantly.  The typical scenery of the island is astounding, featuring two mountainous regions, two sweeping bays, and the central zone which is flat and fertile, known as Es Pla.  The island now has over 4 million almond and olive trees, and likewise, features a delectable mediterranean cuisine.  Travel around Majorca's scenic central zone in your Balearic Islands car hire and try some of their many almond and olive inspired dishes.



The island of Minorca or Menorca gets its name from the latin insula minor or "minor island", as it is smaller than the nearby island of Majorca.  The location of Minorca in the middle of the western Mediterranean has been a staging point for different cultures since prehistoric times.  Its architecture reflects this with an eclectic mix of colonial and local forms.  

This island is a main attraction for bird watchers and butterfly lovers, as well as orchid enthusiasts.  There are 30 species of butterflies on the island, including the Cleopatra, Lang's Short Tailed Blue, and the Two-tailed Pasha.  Menorca is on the migration route of many species and a good number can be seen in spring.  Residents include Audouin's Gull, Blue Rock Thrush, Thekla Lark, and the Egyptian Vulture.



Ibiza is the third largest, and the first of the Pine Islands or Pityuses.  It is well known for its summer club parties which are a main attraction for tourists.  Its main port in the district of Ibiza is also legendary among tourists.

During the summer the top producers and DJs in dance come to the island and play at the various clubs.  The typical schedule for clubbers going to Ibiza includes waking at noon, early evening naps, late night clubbing, and "disco sunrises".



The smallest and southernmost island, Formentara, is only about 19 km long, located 6 km south of Ibiza.  This tiny island is known for its pristine beaches, where nude sunbathing is allowed and common.  One can get to Formentara by boat from Ibiza.

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