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Happy May Day


If the saying is true; "April showers bring May flowers," then I should be seeing some buds pretty soon!  The first of May is a significant day for more than 80 countries, which call the day International Workers' Day.  Called "May Day in several other countries which observe this holiday, it is typically a day off work for laborers in recognition of labour reform.  

Travelers by car rental in countries which observe May Day or International Workers' Day should be aware of and expect several business closings.  Banks typically close for business early on April 30 and do not open again until May 2 or 3.  Customer service offices typically remain open in most countries, including car rental offices.  Where it is an observed national holiday all workers who do clock in on May first typically receive holiday pay.

Though May Day is celebrated as a national holiday in the USA and as somewhat of an anarchist and anti-globalization holiday Canada, both countries hold their Labour Day celebrations on the first Monday in September.  Other countries which celebrate their laborers on May the first include Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, China, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and several other countries.

In the United Kingdom May Day activities are not necessarily celebrated on May 1, but on the first Monday in May, which of course will be on May 6 this year.  It is a bank holiday, a day off school and work, and celebrated with several parades and celebrations.  Car rental travelers in the United Kingdom should note difference and prepare by taking care of their banking by this Friday or, in some cases Saturday.

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Happy May Day

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