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Memorial Day, USA car hire


Memorial Day is a national holiday celebrated today in the USA to honor members of the armed forces and their families.  A day off work and school for everyone, the holiday is usually celebrated with cook-outs, pool parties, and shopping.  Travelers by car rental in the United states during Memorial Day will find excellent sale prices in all the major department stores throughout the country, as well as from some small businesses, services, and tourist attractions.  Here are the top perks for travelers by car rental in the USA on Memorial Day.

Theme Park Madness

Memorial Day weekend typically kicks off the theme park season in the United States.  Marking the beginning of summer fun, theme parks with big pools are generally 100% open for the season, and places like Six Flags offer great discounts and events for Memorial Day weekend visitors.  However, the crowds will be horrendous!  If you're vacationing with your family during the week of Memorial Day, skip the big crowds and visit on Tuesday or Wednesday, after everyone has headed back to work!

Discounts, Deals, and Memorial Day Shopping

Follow the Shoppertunist to find the best Memorial day deals online.  Though you might not have time to hit all the stores you like by car rental in the United States, you can certainly get the best deals online in plenty of time, and have them shipped directly to your hotel or residence in the United States!

Post-Memorial Day Winnings

Visitors to the good ol' US of A can get the best star-spangled souvenirs for cheaper than any other time of year in the days after Memorial Day!  It is also the best time to host your own BBQ party, as all the major retailers will likely mark down the delicious holiday meats to sell quickly the day after the festivities.  The fun doesn't stop there!  If you need swimwear for the rest of your vacation by car hire the best time to shop is after Memorial Day weekend!  Everyone in the USA buys their bikinis and trunks for the big Memorial Day pool parties and the stores are ready to let the bulk go for the best deals of the summer 

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