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History, Arts and Nature combine in Leon

Leon is by far a place to discover. Collect your Leon car hire easily and conveniently upon your arrival to Leon Airport. From here, we can go inside the area surrounded by Roman walls, in which ends you can see two of Leon's jewels: the Cathedral and San Isidoro's Basilica. “Pulcra Leonina”, one of the most impressive gothic temples in Spain, raises in a breathtaking fashion. But, perhaps the most interesting thing for visitors is its 1.800 square metres stained-glass window.

Art, History and Nature

One of the most significant monuments in all Europe is San Isidoro's Basilica. Its wide walls treasure what is known as the “Sistine Chapel” of the Spain's Roman. Some 12th century frescos decorate the Royal Pantheon's underground crypt still with its original colour. You'll find Old and New Testament scenes, floral motifs and a calendar with agricultural chores. However, the paintings' perfect preservation and quality should not distract you from contemplating the architectonic elements. The sculptures and capitals are an authentic images Bible.

Castilla y Leon

Leon province awaits you with important history, art and nature elements. Esla River will guide you to meet towns and monuments along its shore, like San Miguel de Escalada. Leon's northeast end is dominated by Europe Peaks National Park. Mountain hamlets such as Cain or Posada de Valdeón emerge among valleys, mountains and beech woods. Cares throat is one of the most impressive landscapes you can discover in the Cantabrian Mountain Chain.

Also, in Leon's central mountain is San Isidoros's winter station. Astorga, a Roman city, welcomes you to the region of Maragatería. Among its towns you'll find a National Monument, los Polvazares Castle. Santiago's Road crosses Leon by El Bierzo region, specifically by Villafranca del Bierzo, Cacabelos or Carracedo, with National Monument: Santa Maria's Monastery. Now, all you're missing is to visit Ponferrada and the Silence Valley. One of the valley's towns, Peñalba de Santiago, is a National Artistic and Historical Ensemble.

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