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Driving in Italy


Many travelers who would love to visit Italy and prefer to drive themselves by car hire are often turned off by horror stories of driving on Italian roads.  "Rome is far too congested, traffic in other cities is not much better, and roads outside the city are too dangerous and only for very experienced drivers or locals."  While there may be some truth to these statements, there is also a great many reasons why one should drive a car hire in Italy.

I like the excellent arguments for renting a car in Italy from  About halfway down the page the author gives an excellent example of just how much you actually miss out on when you choose to travel only with public transportation in a typical tourist area outside of Rome.  The page also has several great tips and advice for making the most of your trip and coping with Italian drive styles.

For a look at what it is really like to drive along mountain roads in Italy take a look at this short video taken driving along Italy's Amalfi Coast.  In the video you will see how the road curves back and forth, passes several blind turns, and becomes very narrow at points.  At one point the driver actually has to stop and back up a little so that a bus can pass him going the opposite direction.  Cars are parked all over the sides of the road further complicating matters for drivers.  However, with all this you can still hear the driver carrying on a casual conversation (under the lovely Italian music soundtrack), and it doesn't seem like he is stressed by these circumstances in the slightest.  Would this be difficult for you?  

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