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Hot Summer Car Hire


With the summer sun heating up the most popular beach locations, night clubs kicking into full gear, and theme parks flooding with families-a-plenty, the time is now to select your Hot Summer Car Hiure.  Here we present our top pics for totally hot car rental vehicles this summer.  Don't be seen in last year's ride; get the best rates on the hottest car rentals for your summer vacation plans, whatever they may be.

summer convertible

Summer Style: Renault Megane Cabriolet

Oh how lovely the summer sun shines into a convertible!  Two doors, seating for up to four, and space enough in the trunk for two suitcases, the Renault Megane convertible car hire is more affordable and practical than you think!  Zippy with great fuel economy, what better way is there to show of the totally hot tan you're about to get on the beach than in this hottest of the hot car rentals?

Summer Savings: Peugeot 207

How good can you look if you can't afford the attractions once you arrive?  Save more and do more with the economy Peugeot 207 car hire.  Among the economy options the Peugeot 207 stands out with its sharp grill and sleek stylings, making others in its class look more like toy cars.  Seating for up to five means you can bring your friends along, but the compact size of the economy Peugeot 207 means its tiny hatch only has room for 3 of their suitcases.  

Summer Space: Volkswagen Touran

The seven seater solution to everyone's spacial needs, the Volkswagen Touran car rental is small, compact, and still stylin' on the outside, but completely accommodating on the inside.  Plan an adventure for seven and strap all the gear on the roof, or fold and slide a seat or two out of the way to bring along your favorite toys.  The Touran can be is adaptable.  It is the most incognito 5 seater estate car rental, an unexpected 7 seater, or even your tiny, personal two-seater van full of summer stuff.

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