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Sports by Car Hire

Go Team!  Take it all the way!  I can't wait to watch the group of players I prefer display their skills to the maximum reward while stifling the attempts of the other players.  Bravo!  Where will all this take place?  That all depends.  How will I get there?  By car hire of course!

Sports Calendar

Find out where to go cheer in October with the help of the BBC Sport Calendar.  The calendar features Badminton, Basketball, Golf, Motor cycling, Motor racing, Squash, Tennis, and even American Football.  Kick off the month of October with a car hire from Heathrow Airport and head to Guildford Spectrum for some great basketball on October 2nd.


Don't miss your favorite ballers getting their game on.  What can you do if you just can't fly out to the game?  Take your car rental to the nearest sports pub and catch it on TV. lists the games you want to watch.  On Saturday, October 1 you can watch Everton V Liverpool, Leichester City V Derby Council, Valencia V Granada, and Malaga V Getafe.

I have to admit, I am not a sports fan in any way, shape, or form.  To be quite honest, I have never watched a single game of football in my life.  When my entire country was glued to their sets a few months ago for an event that only comes every 4 years I didn't so much as watch 5 minutes.  Am I proud of this?  Not exactly.  Not ashamed either.  Perhaps its time I rent a car and head out to one of the games to find out what all the hubbub is all about?  Or perhaps I'll go shopping and leave it for the fans.  The way I see it, the world needs a few like me who find no thrills in competition.

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