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OECD in Chile


South America is a diverse and interesting place to plan your next road trip by car rental.  While it is true that a great majority of South American countries are developing, with great portions drivable only by 4x4 vehicle due to poor road conditions, there are plenty of places to tour where the driving is nice even for a luxury or economy car rental.  I was surprised to learn today that the country of Chile is actually a member of the OECD... I was also surprised to learn that the OECD exists and what it is.

Ocean, skyscrapers, and mountains, Chile

It makes good sense that developed countries, with successful governments, high employment rates, good healthcare and education, and other marks of success should join together and swap secrets.  I just didn't know there was such an organization as OECD, but I'm sure it's not the only major international organization I'm not familiar with.  It's not surprising that more than half it's members are European countries, but to see South and Central America represented on that list (and maybe even the US at this point) is a little unexpected.

Chile is an excellent choice for travel by car rental in South America for more reasons than just the quality of it's roads.  Chile is considered to be very safe, aside from Santiago which has all the same dangers of any major city.  The Chilean police pride themselves in honesty and competence, something that can't be said for every police force, and this helps to make the country a more welcoming place for tourists.

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