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New Parents Can Travel Too


Wishing you could afford to travel this year but feeling the tight squeeze of daily expenses?  The living costs for new parents can be rough, but there are still plenty of ways you can afford a decent vacation by car rental this year!  Check out the wide selection of affordable car rentals on and follow my top tips below for savvy travel with a baby.

Commit to Cloth

It's cute, its trendy, and it's surprisingly affordable.  If you buy new and name brand you could easily come close to the $2000 mark, but other options are available, such as, DiaperSwappers, and more.  If you're not totally sold on how switching to cloth can save enough money for a vacation check out this short video:

Make Food

Are your cabinets filled with tiny glass jars?  Baby food can be expensive, especially if you buy organic or name brand.  Why not make your own?  It's quite simple to just reserve a bit of whatever your family is having and then process it for the baby, and healthier too!  Of course, you could also opt for baby-led weaning, following baby's cues and starting off one the same foods mom and dad eat.  This method doesn't cost any more than a few bites from your plate.  You can put that extra baby-food savings towards a few dinners out during your vacation by car rental.

Buy Less for Baby

That's right, don't buy so much!  Babies are big business; boatloads of products that are heavily marketed to new parents, grandparents, and well-meaning shower guests are simply unnecessary and only serve to separate baby from the loving arms of mom and dad.  Swaddle your baby in a soft blanket, hold it to your heart, and don't worry about too much else.  The crib, the play pen, the swing, the monitors, the early stimulation toys; you can do without so many things and think of what a nice car hire you could book with all the savings!

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