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Golden Arches in Paradise


When you travel by car rental do you ever get the impression the entire world has been taken over by the same handful of businesses?  When we head out to beautiful natural locations on an escape from our day-to-day lives the last thing we want to see is the reminders of commercialized culture, so it is no surprise that major fast food restaurants like McDonald's might meet some controversy in paradise.

The infamous subject of the hit documentary Super Size Me is far too present in many places where tourists and even locals would rather see a local business or maybe nothing at all, which is just one of the reasons rumors tend to spread about McDonald's.  In Costa Rica, a country which can be considered progressive when it comes to environmental concerns and the natural products movement, the presence of McDonald's definitely doesn't go unnoticed.  In this McMyths article from the Costa Rica Star Marcel Evans discusses the most common rumors, from all ingredients coming from China to the highest employee turnover in the world.

Don't let this detour you from booking a car rental in Costa Rica, however.  Yes, there are 50 places to get a big mac in a relatively small country, but I can attest there are plenty views to see that aren't obscured by golden arches.  

If you're looking for an entirely McDonald's-free holiday book a car rental in one of the countries which have either rejected or have yet to receive the McDonald's franchise.  You can also see how many McDonald's locations each country has on Wikipedia, organized into an easy-to-read chart.  Wherever you decide to vacation you can save the most with a cheap car rental from, and drive right past the McDonald's, if you choose.

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