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Carbon Conscious Car Rental Destinations


Energy efficient, carbon neutral, environmentally responsible, and 100% renewable; how do popular car rental destinations stack up when it comes to energy and the environment?  The world's 12 major economies aren't very energy efficient, according to Thomasnet, which ranked the United Kingdom No. 1, although they only scored a mere 67 points out of a possible 100 in various measures of energy efficiency.  Promote environmental stewardship and energy efficiency with a car rental in more caring and conscious countries.

Carbon-Free Costa Rica

One of the world's favorite holiday destinations happens to be a world leader in independent energy.  Costa Rica generates the majority of its energy from renewable sources such as water, and now boasts the largest wind farms in Latin America.  Aiming higher than carbon-neutral, Costa Rica has plans to become an entirely carbon-free country within the next few years!  Check out the awesome video on Costa Rica's energy efforts from Aljezeera.

Maldives and More

Wikipedia lists countries committed to carbon neutrality, and it is sadly a shorter list than one would hope for.  Several of the countries on the list have a lot to lose in the stakes of climate change, such as the Maldives, which will be one of the first countries to suffer from rising sea levels in that they will likely disappear entirely from future maps!  Iceland, an increasingly popular car rental destination, features a dramatic and stunning landscape that teeters on the tip of climate collapse.  Iceland has made such great strides; over 99% of their electricity production and almost 80% of their total energy production comes from hydropower and geothermal energy.  Other countries on the list include Norway, New Zealand, Denmark and the Canadian province of British Colombia. aids in the carbon neutrality efforts of countries around the world through our partnership with  We strive to provide our customers with carbon-neutral car rental solutions in more than 20,000 pick up locations.


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