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Hyundai H-1 11 Seater Car Hire

  One of the most popular car rentals in the 11-12 seater passenger van range, the Hyundai H-1 offers the space and comfort your group needs while traveling.  Get everyone and every thing from point A to point B safe and sound with the stylish and reliable Hyundai H-1 car rental.

The Hyundai H-1 may be the most versatile of all eleven seater car hires.  Perfect as a simple airport shuttle to take your big conference group to the hotel, or as the carry-all vacation transport for your family holiday, the H-1 can accommodate a variety of transportation needs.  Spin the second row seats 180º for business meetings on the road or board games for the kids, slide the mid-row seats forward to make more space in the back, or fold the rear row bench seats down entirely and make way for golf clubs and surfboards for your ideal adventure vacation. ![][1] For groups focused on safety the Hyunday H-1 eleven seater car hire offers superior safety options and peace of mind.  As the H-1 is a hulking and spacious vehicle likely to be filled with your most precious cargo, you'll be happy to know it has some of the largest and most powerful disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, providing precise stopping power and performance even when the wagon is fully loaded.  Speaking of size, don't let the size of the 11 seater Hyundai H-1 car hire deter you from choosing it as your city transportation.  Although it measures an impressive 5 meters in length, the turning circle of the H-1 is a mere 5.6 meters. Get the best deal on your 11 seater Hyundai H-1 car rental by booking online through today. [1]: /sites/

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