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Yoga in Upper Normandy

Upper Normandy is a region in northern France known for its dramatic arches in chalk cliffs, medieval architecture, and remarkable castles and churches.  Hidden here, tucked away 60 km from the nearest city, is the Tapovan Normandy Yoga   Offering an open university approach to teaching yoga as well as ayurvedic massages and cures, you can reach Tapovan with a car rental from Paris Orly Airport or a Charles de Gaulle Airport car hire.

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Tapovan Normandy is set in a forested countryside, 4 km from the cliffs of Caux and 12 km from Fécamp in the north of France.  It is within walking distance of the beaches of Petites Dalles, made popular in the paintings of Monet and Delacroix.  Here, in the heart of nature you can stay for an Ayurvedic retreat or simply attend a few seminars and courses. 

The yoga experiences available at Tapovan are varied and unique.  The range includes seminars and workshops of Hatha Yoga, Nada Yoga, and Yoga of Breath, as well as Yoga for the Eyes and a Yoga and Hike retreat combination.  The Yoga and Hike sounds especially appealing, offering guests a week dedicated to fitness through walking in the open air, breathing techniques, meditation, singing mantras, and vegetarian food

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The closest city to Tapovan is the city of Rouen, which is the capital of the French region of Haute-Normandie.  Situated on the River Seine, the city of Rouen has a few notable sites for tourists as well as a weekend market with fresh produce.  Although Rouen does have a domestic airport, it only offers limited connections so it is recommended to take a car rental from Paris, which is about 135 km, or an hour and a half away.

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