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Known as the Sunshine State, Florida offers a myriad of opportunities for fun in the sun on your next vacation. Florida features the longest coastline in the contiguous United States, offering maximum beach and sunbathing potential. The climate is warm and subtropical, making it an ideal spot in the United States to enjoy the sunshine outdoors any time of year. Reserve a car hire in Florida for your sun-soaking vacation.

Florida car hire

Florida is an excellent place to enjoy nature and spot wildlife. Much of the state is protected under the control of the National Park service or the National Forest and Wildlife Service, and many of the coastal waters are protected as well. Off the coast of Florida you can spot Marine Mammals such as bottlenose dolphins, short-finned polot whales, north Atlantic right whales, and West Indian Manatees. In Florida's wetlands and rivers it is common to see American alligator and crocodile, the eastern diamondback and pygmy rattlesnakes, gopher tortoise, and the eastern indigo snake.

Florida's forests are also home to some common mammals, as well as some very rare and special mammals. The Florida panther, white-tailed deer, bobcats, Florida black bear, and the nine-banded armadillos all call Florida home. Florida is excellent for bird watching, with many different species passing seasonally on their migratory routes. Some beautiful birds are residents, such as bald eagles, northern carraca, snail kite, osprey, seagulls, and the Florida scrub jay, which is endemic to Florida.

Book a car rental for Florida online for your nature adventure and fun in the Sunshine State.

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