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Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao car hire

Bilbao, Spain made it to the list of top 10 wine destinations due to its proximity to the amazing vineyards of Rioja.  A visit to the city of Bilbao alone would be enough to taste these wines as they dominate the lists in the finer restaurants and tapas bars of the area, but to truly enjoy the flavors and their creation you need a rental car from Bilbao to tour the surrounding vineyards.

Along the route to Rioja you will enjoy breathtaking views.  This area of the Basque country is one of the most beautiful and scenic in all of Spain.  The Rioja region has been known for its serious vintages since the 1970s.  Here you will delight in classic red wines made from tempranillo grapes, along with a growing number of notable whites and rosados.

Not every winery is free and open to the public here, but with some direction you can find the best vineyards, wine cellars, wine festivals and activities in the area.  Riojas has a great webiste with all the information you need to play your own wine tour by Biobao car hire.  

 There are only seven types of grape varieties permitted under the Rioja appellation, and all are characterized by a specific aging process.  During your stay you will taste the difference between excellent, very good, good, satisfactory and average vintages, and learn a bit about the history of winemaking here which goes back over 1000 years.

There are other things you should do in the area besides just wine tasting.  Bilbao has a very impressive Guggenhiem museum, and La Rioja features the world-class wine museum Dinastia Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture, where you can see items relating to wine making from the Egyptian period up through Picasso.  Reserve a cheap rental car from Bilbao Airport for your trip to the museum. 

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