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Château de Versailles

Known in English as the Palace of Versailles, this royal château in Versailles, France was once the centre of political power in France. It is famous not only as a building, but as a symbol of the system of absolute monarchy of the Ancien Régime. Today it is a fantastic museum and one of France's most popular tourist attractions. Reserve a car hire in Versailles to visit this historical palace and museum during your stay.

The Château de Versailles history galleries span an impressive 18,000 meters squared, making it the largest history museum in the world. Its contents comprise many different significant masterpieces.

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The gardens at Château Versailles are worth a visit unto themselves. Featuring numerous fountains, jets, waterfalls, a vast amount of sculptures and statues, water parterres, and formal gardens, it is one of the most famous gardens in the world. Plan a trip to the large and elaborate gardens of the Palace of Versailles in your Versailles rental car.

With over 2,000 windows, 700 rooms, over 1,200 fireplaces, 67 staircases, and the 75 meter Hall of Mirrors, there is enough to see and explore on a visit to the Château in its structure alone! Paintings on its walls date from the middle ages up until around 1830. King Louis-Philippe also commissioned an additional 3,000 paintings from the major artists of the day to tell the stories of French history to complete his museum.

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