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Honeymoon in Fiji

Whisk your loved one away to the South Pacific Ocean and experience the pristine Melanesian country of Fiji. Somewhere between Hawaii and New Zealand is the archipelago of 332 islands, 110 of which are inhabited, which make up this world renowned paradise. Relax among the volcanic mountains and warm tropical waters and celebrate your union with island peace and tranquility. Reserve a car hire in Fiji to explore the islands during your honeymoon.

Once known for its brutal tribal warfare and cannibalism, today Fiji is popular as the land of tropical rainforests, coconut plantations, fine beaches and fire-cleared hills. Within these volcanic mountains you will find an amazing number of remote villages. There are roads and always trails on which to explore the main islands by Fiji rental car.

Fiji car hire

Explore off the beaten path around the islands by a bicycle in Fiji. Bicycles are becoming very popular in the islands in recent years, and Fiji is an ideal location for rugged bike tours. Bike rentals are available in the city, but make sure to carry spares and supplies with you as bike shops are scarce across the island.

For an excellent adventure tour try whitewater rafting during your honeymoon in Fiji. Rivers Fiji offers whitewater rafting and sea kayaking trips six days a week. Check out the options in Nadi, the hub of tourism for the Fiji Islands. There you will find all the resources you need to choose lodging, activities, trips, and tours.

Make sure to test out some of the local dishes during your stay. Local favorites include paulsami (baked taro leaves marinated in lemon juice and coconut milk with meat filling, onion, and garlic), and kokoda (fish or seafood marinated in lemon and coconut milk).****

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