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Autumn in Moscow

The autumn season starts early in Moscow, with cooler temperatures arriving by mid-September. This kicks off Moscow's cultural year, with a rush of premiers and openings after the summer hiatus. During Early Autumn Moscow's parks and boulevards are particularly beautiful, but by October the temperatures drop below chilly and the city will see its first snows. Reserve a car hire in Moscow and get around to all the cultural events in autumn.

Gorky Park

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Plan your stay during early Autumn when Moscow is experiencing its last breath of summer. Enjoy pleasant weather with the beauty of Autumn leaves and spend some time in Moscow's most well known park. Gorky Park offers a number of theme park rides, cafes, places to stroll, and a lovely pond, all situated along the Moska river.

Tverskaya Street Theater

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Spend an afternoon on Moscow’s most fashionable street, which runs from the Kremlin towards the Tver and Saint Petersburg. Here you can visit several prestigious boutiques, cafes or restaurants, all before you catch a show at the theater. This street is also home to the world's busiest McDonalds and the very huge and impressive Yeliseev Grocery Store.

Russian Bathhouse

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To get warm during a visit in later autumn, when the weather is a bit nippy, take a hot steam in a Russian bathhouse. The most famous of these is the Sanduny or Sandunovskaya banya.

Book a Moscow car rental to get to your little bit of pampering from the cold during your autumn vacation in Moscow.

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