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Menorca Bars, Clubs, and Nightlife Guide

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Aside from the annual fiestas held during the summer the island of Menorca is not known for their party scene or nightlife, especially when compared to its sister islands Majorca and Ibiza. There are however a handfull of bars which you can visit if you would like to go out in the evenings, but just don't expect the amount of live music, DJs, drinking, and youth that you would find on the other islands. Bring your Menorca car hire out to find just the right evening party for your taste on the island.

If you can plan your visit during the summer you'll be treated to a bit more excitement. Horses play a leading role in the popular fiestas and from June through September you can see horses and their riders, dressed in elaborate costumes of black and white with multi colored carnations, parade around for a ritual which has its origins in the beginning of the 14th century. Reserve your car hire Menorca online today for your summer fiesta vacation.

You can learn about the culture of the people by experiencing their traditional fiestas. The most traditional fiesta is that of Saint Joan, dating back to the beginning of the 14th century. The celebration includes a procession on horseback to a rural chapel and is carried out by all parts of the community: the church, nobility, craftsmen and country people. The celebration includes all ages, from 7 to more than 70!

The typical drink of all of the fiestas of the island is Menorca's own gin, a heritage of the English. It is commonly paired with lemonade or fresh lemon juice and called "pomada" in most of the island.

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