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Mallorca Food Guide

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While many know the typical Paella, in Mallorca they have a special seafood version of this dish every traveler must try when visiting the island. And there’s even more; visitors will find a number of specialties hard to say no to. To mention a few there’s the Sopes Mallorquines, which is a simple and healthy vegetable soup accompanied with meat and wild mushrooms; and the Frit Mallorqui. Don’t miss the local tastes and get to all the nicest restaurants in a Mallorca car hire.

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Sobrassada is a common adding to most of Mallorca’s food specialties; indulge in its spicy taste of this sausage made of pork, with paprika and other condiments. You will typically see this served on a slice of bread and it makes for a delicious side dish.

For breakfast we recommend you try the Ensaimada, the local version of the French croissant, something like a spiral shaped bun. And desserts are not left behind when it comes to delicious gastronomy; try the Gató, a peculiar almond cake made served with almond ice cream.

And for those anxious to know about the top local beverages, there’s their Sangria, this is a combination of wine, brandy, and fruit juice. Typically, you will have this served with fruits floating in the mix; big groups can have it served in a big pitcher to share in the table. Mallorca also has an interesting offer of local wines, and you can make a tour in one of the many bodegas, where they display wine and winery and often include free tastings.

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Your gastronomy tour through this Balearic Island can be way better with a Mallorca car hire to tour around comfortably.

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