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Hotels in Mallorca

Drive a cheap Mallorca rental car to your hotel

You can be sure to find just the hotel for you in the island of Mallorca, with a selection of more than 650 places to choose from. The majority of options are resort style hotels, or 4 or 5-star hotels; however you will be able to find a great variety within this options and a great range of prices. The most convenient practice is to get to your hotel directly from the airport in a cheap Mallorca car hire.

The St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort

Mallorca car hire

When looking for a 5-star resort in Mallorca, the St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort makes for a perfect opportunity to add a plus to your stay by indulging in the incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Tramuntana Mountains and have a luxurious experience in Mallorca.

Sa Carrotja

Mallorca car hire

This hotel stands in what used to be a typical Majorcan farmhouse, and it offers tranquil grounds which are very welcoming and inviting. The hotel is only 5 km from the coast, and it wonderful views, as well as a swimming pool, and WiFi included.

Villa Miel

Mallorca car hire

Choose Villa Miel as a great budget option, it suits for everyone whether it is an individual stay, couples, or the whole family. Its wonderful location in Cala Mellor resort and only a short walk to the beach make it one of the top selections in Mallorca.

Vanity Hotel Suite

Mallorca car hire

This is a hotel perfectly suited for couples aiming to have a one-of-a-kind romantic setup in Mallorca. Stay here and ensure a stay characterized by elegance, comfort, and luxury, all within a beautiful setup surrounded by sea and mountains.

The hotel has a bar and restaurant including an outdoor terrace. For budget transportation, have your Mallorca car rental ready for adventure by booking today.

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