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Arctic Island Hideaway on Grímsey, Iceland


If a nice, quiet game of chess in a remote location with a stunning landscape and and moderately cold temperatures sounds appealing to you then we have just the destination!  The island of Grímsey off the coast of Iceland has less than 90 inhabitants, is technically inside the Arctic Circle, and is known for its fondness of the world's favorite board game.  Tour the island of Grímsey with an Iceland car rental from

Filled with colorful marshlands, dramatic cliffs, and numerous arctic birds, Grímsey is a hidden treasure of Iceland.  Thanks to the Atlantic Current Grímsey is warmed by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and thus is surprisingly pleasant given its location along the line of the Arctic Circle. Pick up your car rental at the Keflavík International Airport and take it with you on the ferry to Grímsey.  The ferry trip from Dalvik to Grímsey takes about three hours and is very affordable for families, offering half price to teens and seniors and free for children under 12.

On Grímsey Island you will truly feel like you have gotten off the beaten path!  Less people, more birds; Grímsey is the perfect place for nature photography, hiking, or simply getting away from it all.  It is also a great place to find a game of chess as the island has long been hailed as a bastion of chess-playing.

Simply enjoy your relaxing holiday in Grímsey, or contrast your stay with some of the fun attractions around Reykjavík, Iceland with a cheap car rental from Keflavík International Airport.  




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