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Shopping in Bilbao

Hire a cheap rental car for shopping in Bilbao

When shopping in Bilbao, Spain you will have a rich and varied experience. Dating back to the 14th century, the commercial tradition of Bilbao's Old Quarter started when merchants settled in the area and started selling goods from distant places the likes of Bruges and Bordeaux. Nowadays, Bilbao is still one of the top commercial areas in Europe, having the largest covered city Market in Europe. Book a car rental in Bilbao for your shopping trip in the Old Quarter and all around the city of Bilbao.

Bilbao car hire

Perhaps the main area for shops and department stores is Central Bilbao. With quite an array of central parking areas here, it is easy to drive your Bilbao car hire here and enjoy your shopping moment. The area attracts both tourists and people from neighbouring towns like Vizcaya or other Bilbao districts, and even those who live here enjoy shopping in this popular and actively dynamic district.

Bilbao car hire

You’ll be surprised to know the area started as an urban shopping Mecca back in the early 90's during the Guggenheim phenomenon (Guggenheim Museum is one of Bilbao’s top features). Lawyer's offices, specialized clinics, sugaries, and many international firms, as well as the top and newest hotels and restaurants fill the city with an interesting and modern air. Visit a great number of galleries and other establishments in charge of leisure or cultural activities and even business meetings.

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