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Reserve a car rental in Iceland to explore the amazing landscapes just outside the Arctic Circle that characterize this island nation.  Located between North America and Europe in the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is considered a European country although it is not part of the mainland.  Bitter winter winds aside, Iceland is surprisingly nice climate wise, thanks to the warming effect of the Atlantic Gulf Stream.  Save the most on your Iceland car rental when you book through

Pick up your Iceland car rental in the country's primary international Airport, Keflavik.  Located just 40 km from the capital and most popular tourist area of the country, Reykjavik, the Keflavík International Airport offers a number of convenient connections from across Europe as well as several from the United States.  While the Reykjavik is very entertaining and a great place to spend some time during your stay, to fully enjoy the beauty of Iceland you must get out of the capital, and to do that a 4x4 car rental in Iceland is your best bet.

With a 4x4 car hire in Iceland you can visit some of the country's more memorable sights such as glaciers, big volcanoes, and desolate arctic landscapes.  Since none of the amazing natural sights of Iceland have entry fees a cheap car rental is the most affordable option, allowing you to go on self-guided tours as opposed to paying for expensive excursions offered by the tour companies.

Enjoy your stay in Iceland to the fullest with a cheap car rental through  Get started by selecting your desired pick up location from the list below.  Next, complete the booking engine at the top of the page with the rest of your travel details and select a car rental vehicle from the search results.  We offer the lowest rates on car hires from Keflavik International Airport, as well as thousands of other popular pick up destinations around the world.

Akureyri - Airport
Egilsstadir - Airport
Hofn - Airport
Isafjordur - Airport
Keflavik - International Airport
Reykjavik - Bsi Terminal
Reykjavik - Domestic Airport
Reykjavik - Downtown
Saudarkrokur - Airport
Saudarkrokur - Downtown - Budget Dc
Vestmannaeyjar - Airport

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