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Bordering the countries of Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia, the country of Djibouti occupies a pivotal point in the East African coastline.  Here, the tip of Yemen reaches toward Djibouti to mark where the Red Sea ends and the Gulf of Aden begins.  Though much of hot, arid Djibouti is a vast wasteland devoid of arable lands, the country does host a few fantastic landscapes and things to see by car rental.


For traversing the rough rugged landscapes of Djibouti it is recommended to book a 4x4 car hire through  Most visitors to Djibouti will pick up their car rentals from the Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport.  Most of the connecting flights into Djibouti will be from neighboring African capitals, but there are a few connections available to Egypt, Madagascar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, and even Paris.

Despite not being much of a tourist destination, Djibouti features a unique landscape that is otherworldly, and some would call beautiful.  It's unique desert formations were featured in scenes from Star Wars, and it is home to the third lowest point on Earth, Lac Assal.  For the greatest savings on your 4x4 car hire in Djibouti make your reservation now through  Select your desired pick up location from the list below, then simply complete the booking engine at the top of any page.

Djibouti Downtown
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Djibouti International Airport

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