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Tour the Balkan peninsula of Europe with a cheap car rental from Albania.  Although it is quite small, Albania features a diverse landscape including the Albanian Alps mountains, Mediterranean coastline with beaches and more, glacial lakes, big cities full of historic sites, and pristine national parks.  Explore Albania with a car rental from its bordering countries of Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, or pick one up from Mother Teresa Airport in Tirana, Albania.


The coastline is the most popular spot for travelers by car rental in Albania, who come to enjoy its clear turquoise waters and sandy beaches in the north and the Albanian Riviera to the south.  The Riviera is the coastal place to go if you would like to plan a camping trip in Albania or stay at a coastal bed and breakfast.

Other great attractions in Albania are it's castles and ancient ruins.  Castles abound across the country, with some quite famous onex located near Tirana, Shkodra, and Berat.  The cities of Butrint and Bylis have large archaeological sites from the Greek and Roman eras.  Butrint is located very close to the border and easy to reach with a car rental from Athens Airport.

The major entry points by car rental from bordering countries into Albania are Podgorica, Montenegro; Ohrid, Macedonia; Prizren, Kosovo; Thessaloniki, Greece, and Ioannina, Greece.  These drives are scenic and often make the trip much more enjoyable for all of the country you will get to see. If you plan to pick up your car hire in Albania it will likely be from the Tirana Airport or Tirana downtown, as there are not many car rental offices spread throughout the country.

To proceed with your car hire reservation in Albania simply choose a location from the list below and complete our secure booking engine.

Sheraton Italia Square
Tirana Downtown

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