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Top 3 Ways To Enjoy Your Vacation


It's a vacation, what's not to enjoy?  According to the Bad Experiences of Americans On Vacation by, quite a lot!  Though you've been liberated from work and the responsibilities of daily life there are still downers lurking just below the surface waiting to rob you of the most promising vacation enjoyment.  Take a few tips from us and make the most of your next vacation!

Hire a Car Rental

By simply planning your own ground transportation you can completely eliminate or greatly reduce your risk of several of the most common bad experiences on vacation, clearing the way for an enjoyable vacation.  Unlike the 21% of Americans whose luggage has been lost by airlines, yours can be safe and secure in the trunk of your car rental; you won't miss your connecting transportation (16%) when we have your car rental waiting at your destination; and you'll have the freedom to visit all the sites you are most interested in without checking a bus schedule.

Reserve GPS

An astounding 19% of Americans surveyed claimed to have gotten "extremely lost" on vacation!  Thankfully with today's modern GPS technology you can always know where you are while driving in a car rental.

Make It a 7 Seater

The more the merrier (and the safer and cheaper).  Seven seater car rentals aren't just for families.  Bring some friends along on your next adventure and enjoy splitting the costs, as well as the added security in case like 11% of American vacationers you have an injury, severe illness or medical emergency; like 8% you can't access your money; or you fall into any of a number of circumstances made better by friends.  

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