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Seafood Set Free



It is the time of year for sitting out by the water and enjoying fresh seafood, sunshine, and good times on your tour by car rental.  Warm coastal spots all across the Northern Hemisphere are abuzz with both travelers and locals.  This little story about a local seafood restaurant on the Niantic River in Waterford, Connecticut made me smile today.  

I will be visiting Connecticut in a couple of months so right away this story peaked my interest, but as a long time vegetarian and animal lover, the story of Larry the Lobster's Second Chance warmed my heart.  Connecticut is a very small state near New York by car rental in the United States.  During the summer months local businesses like the Dock Restaurant in Waterford become a gathering place, not just for their delicious fresh-cought fish, but for their family-friendly atmosphere.

Have you ever felt compassion for the life seafood waiting for its boiling pot at a restaurant?  It wasn't a vegetarian or a crusader for animals who saved dear old Larry the Lobster, but a local man with a business just across the river.  I'm not sure if being old and large is enough to win the compassion of diners, but being famous is, and Larry certainly was that.  It doesn't take a foodie to appreciate fresh seafood by the water, and it doesn't take a vegetarian to have compassion for a very old shellfish.

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