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Happy Thanksgiving


Its a big week for those who celebrate Thanksgiving!  If you are unfamiliar it is a holiday in the United States of America celebrated on the third Thursday in November.  Despite its shady beginnings (I hear the Native Americans were less than thankful when this turkey dinner idea got started), it has evolved into a great holiday of giving thanks and who could feel bad about that?  Oh, and did I mention food?  Hire a car rental for you Thanksgiving celebrations in the USA.

I actually won't be celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA, I'll be celebrating with my small ex-pat community here in Costa Rica.  Thanks to travel and relocation and this marvelous modern world we live in you can find Thanksgiving celebrations in just about every country of the world!  Several different cultures have their own thanksgiving customs, such as the Jewish Sukkot or the British harvest festival, Lammas Day.  Hire a car rental for your upcoming harvest festival or holiday plans.

Back to the holiday in question tomorrow, if you think it's all about the turkey you're only partly right.  It's about the stuffing too.  Don't forget the pies.  Oh! and the mashed potatoes!  There are several dishes commonly associated with Thanksgiving, and just about any recipe one might make for the holidays would be warmly welcomed amongst a Thanksgiving spread.  

This year I volunteered to make the eggnog, thinking it would be easy.  Little did I know there is some chemistry involved in this creamy holiday favorite.  A mixture of milk, eggs, cream, and hard liquor, eggnog can be cooked or served with raw eggs (at yours and your family's own risk), and requires some essential steps to get it to the frothy goodness you might have seen in photos.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and remember not to drink too much eggnog if you'll be driving a car rental.

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