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Boston Marathon Explosions and Travel Advisory


If you or someone you know is one of the many running enthusiasts who traveled to Massachusetts, USA by car rental for the world famous Boston Marathon, or if you simply follow any of the major news publications, you are likely aware of the explosions that have occurred.  

As of 5:00pm, cell phone service in Boston was offline to prevent any detonation of remote devices, which may make it difficult to contact your loved ones.  There are a few online tools you can use to search for people in Boston, such as the marathon athlete tracking and google person search for the event.  While the Boston Logan Airport is reported to be up and running, you should expect long delays on all flights due to heightened security.  Those trying to leave Boston by car rental will find heavy traffic and delays throughout the region, though travelers may be forced to move or relocate due to hotel evacuations near the site, such as the Marriott hotel at copley Place and the Lenox Hotel.

Travelers by car hire in many other major cities in the USA, including New York and Washington, DC, will face heightened security, restricted access to major monuments and government buildings, or other inconveniences as a result of the blasts in the coming days.  

Very little information has been released about suspects and the nature of the attack, which at this point is all entirely speculation.  It is being called a "terrorist attack," which may be a pre-emptive conclusion and/or diversion tactic.  Regardless, the full effects the event will have on security for foreign travel to the United States has yet to be seen.  We will post another update with pertinent information for travelers by car rental in major USA cities as more information unfolds or new regulations and restrictions on travel are made.

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