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World Pasty Championship by car hire

Dining and travel go together like, well, peas and carrots.  If you aren't stopping to taste the local flavors during your adventures by car hire you're missing out!  That is unless you suffer from severe sinusitis, smoke far too much, or have some other condition that prevents you from being able to taste and enjoy your food; to you I am gravely sorry.  For the rest of us, all eyes turn to Conrwall for the upcoming World Pasty Championships.

cornwall car hire

If you're like me (North American) you're looking at this world and thinking I've left out the "r".  Regarded as the national dish of Cornwall, the Cornish Pasty actually has a Protected Geographical Indication statues from the European Commission.  It's make-up is defined right down to the crimp on the crust (which goes on the side, not on the top), and when a pasty from Cornwall meets all the requirements it's package can be adorned with the official stamp.  This is all serious stuff.  You can get the official recipe from the Cornish Pasty Association.

Global attention for the World Pasty Championships aside, the pasty is a big draw for little Cornwall.  The South West tourism board lists food in the top three reasons people visit Cornwall by car rental, and the Cornish Patsy is without a doubt their biggest edible attraction.

The Championships will be held at the Eden Progect, St Austell on 3 March.  In addition to the well defined favorite, the event will include separate competitions for all the various pasty recipes from around the world.  You can taste the original pasty flavors anytime you like with a cheap car rental in Cornwall, or reserve a car hire this March to sample the pasty flavors of the world at the championships.

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