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Situated in the internal of the autonomous Andalusian Community, Cordoba is a compendium of past and modernity. This millenary city, declared Cultural Heritage, is a live legacy of the many cultures who established in it along its history. Few places in the globe can be proud of having been capital of Ancient Spain under the Roman Empire and capital of Umayyad Caliphate. A splendour that, in addition, can be appreciated in this centre’s intellectuality for knowledge that has given birth to figures the likes of Seneca, Averroes or Maimonides. Hire a car in Cordoba and prepare to discover every hide away spot this andalusian province has.

Touring around the old cordobese quarter means discovering a beautiful branch of narrow streets, plazas and whitewashed patios lined around the Cathedral, reflection of the suburbs’ importance during the medieval time and an authentic symbol of this capital. And let’s not forget its splendid past. Cordoba is a modern city that has adapted to present time to offer the most trendy infrastructures and services, as well as a wide variety of hotels. Very well communicated with the rest of andalusian capitals, it has a high speed train and a huge road network linking top hubs such as Madrid or Seville.

And once inside the city, an array of buses and taxi cabs make easy for every visitor to reach any destination in a few minutes. Cordoba is also a synonym for art, culture and leisure, thanks to a number of cultural events organized throughout the year: flamenco festivals, concerts, ballet...activities which complement each other with a great number of museums and a very live nightlife. Meanwhile, this province houses major tokens of the andalusian heritage, the most important one being in Medina Azahara, located in the city’s outskirts.

Even more, it offers a wonderful scenario for nature lovers. The parks of Sierra de Cardeña in Los Pedroches and Montoro, Sierra de Hornachuelos and Sierras Subbéticas offer the possibility to practice all kinds of outdoor sports, at the same time the allow to enjoy all the richness of this province.

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