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Awe Inspiring Andorra

Visit the scenic and serene country of Andorra for a chance to reflect and enjoy stunning mountain drives in a car hire.  Head there before winter is over and you can experience their world renown Pyrenees skiing, or wait a few months for the most scenic hiking and trekking you could imagine.


Andorra is small.  Seriously small.  More like a secluded mountain community than a country unto itself, visitors report feeling surreal there, surrounded by such tall mountains.  It changes your perspective of scale, and can have the effect of making you feel like a miniature in a landscape designed for giants.  This is our earth.  These are it's shapes, and the perspectives one can have of our general size when not surrounded by a concrete jungle where everything is scaled to fit us can be life changing.  Andorra isn't the only place on the planet where you can be overwhelmed by a landscape, but it's an easy one to reach by car rental from both Spain or France.

A few other places to check out by car rental with remarkable views include the Gran Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Ngorogoro Crater in Tanzania, and Pangong Tso lake in India-China.  Find a full list of 50 Natural Wonders from CNN.

Although there are several quaint villages in which to ski and several awe-inspiring hikes to take through the country, you need not do more than drive through in a car rental to appreciate it's unique charm or the scale of its mountains.  In fact, if you'd rather spend time relaxing while the rest of your group gets altitude sickness Andorra has just the thing: Caldea.  The beautiful glass spire atop Andorra La Vella contains a very popular spa and swimming pool.  

Pick up your cheap car rental from Barcelona Airport in Spain for a trip to Andorra, or in France from the Toulouse-Blanc Airport.

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