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Poås Volcano buy car hire

While the majority of tourists in Costa Rica head for the popular beach attractions of the coast or the thrills and unsurpassed beauty of the rainforests, there are also many interesting attractions to see by car rental right in the central valley.  Juan Santamaria, Costa Rica's major International Airport is located in the Central Valley, and is just 30 minutes from the capital and largest city in the country, San Jose.

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Some of the attractions near the airport I would recommend you check out if you have time in your Costa Rica car rental include the Cafe Britt Tour, Parque de Diversiones, and the Museo de Oro, but by far the top on your list of attractions should be Poás Volcano.  Poás is an active stratovolcano.  I'm not sure exactly what that means, but at the Poás Volcano National Park you can peer down into its giant, steaming crater, walk around it's sulfurous steams, see it's dormant crater lakes, and view some of the interesting vegetation that grows there.

Poas Volcano National Park is a wonderful place to spend a day hiking with your family.  There is even a little museum along the trail in the park where you can learn about volcanos, a bit about the area including the flora and fauna, as well as purchase interesting gifts and souvenirs.

The area around Poás volcano is well known in the country for it's wonderful strawberries, which grow throughout the majority of the year.  Along your drive up the hill to the volcano you will likely pass vendors along the sides of the road selling their strawberries, and I highly suggest you buy at least one box.  The area also has a few restaurants with nice views over the mountain and some souvenir shops whose selection roughly matches that of the museum at the park.  Plan your trip to Poas Volcano and around Costa Rica's Central Valley with a cheap car hire from

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