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A Surprise Danger of Public Busses


Driving a car rental definitely has a number of perks over taking the bus that likely go without saying: no rushing to catch a bus, no waiting for a bus, no risk of getting packed into a tight space full of strangers; but there are a few benefits you probably couldn't imagine.  Public transportation in Costa Rica (as in much of Latin America and many more locations around the world) is absolutely excellent.  It runs on time, it is super affordable, it offers connections to almost every location you would like to go, but it's not perfect! 

This is a real photo of a public transportation bus that got stuck crossing a bridge in Manzanillo, Costa Rica earlier today!  It was posted on Costa Rica Star News facebook page. Traversing the roads that run through stunning natural landscapes isn't always easy!  Mountain roads where half of the road has broken off and washed away with a landslide - around a blind curve - are all typical in tropical destinations like Costa Rica.  The question is, would you feel safer navigating rural roads in your own car rental or leave your life in the hands of a tired bus driver? 

This is a photo of the last time I had to get off a bus, along with the other passengers, so it could safely cross a bridge!

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