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Passenger Van Rental Safety


It is very important when renting one of the larger 8 seater, 9 seater, and 12 seater passenger vans that you are familiar with the differences in how these cars handle versus a regular car rental.  To help all of the traveling groups who will hire a car with 8 or more seats through our site we bring you a few Passenger Van Safety tips from

Go Slow

When driving a car rental with 8, 9, or 12 passengers you should go slower than you think you need to, and begin braking before you normally would in a typical 5 seater car, about 2 times as early, or twice the distance you would expect.  It is easy for car rental drivers to underestimate the massive weight of the vehicle, especially when loaded with passengers and luggage, and this can have a huge impact on your ability to stop.  In addition, it is much better for everyone in the vehicle to come to a long, gentle stop, then to every have to slam on your breaks as your increase of passenger whiplash injury is multiplied by as much as 11.

Travel Light

Like they say on SafeCar.Gov, don't overload your passenger van.  We know popular 9 seater car rentals like the Renault Traffic come with plenty of space for luggage and are super easy to drive, but that doesn't mean you should fill it to the ceiling and speed off to your destination.  The taller and narrower a car is the more likely it is to roll.  Travelers can greatly reduce their chances of rollover by traveling lighter and driving more slowly.

Buckle Up For Safety

It is the driver's responsibility to make sure everyone inside the passenger van rental is secured with their seat belt.  Literally.  In many countries and according to several car rental insurance companies it is the driver of the vehicle who is at fault if any passengers in a multi passenger vehicle are in an accident without their seat belt.  

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