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New Features of the Seat Alhambra

If you're renting a Seat Alhambra 7 seater car rental you'll have a good chance of getting the relatively new 2011 model.  This short video is a great display of its features and really makes a great sell for any traveling parents with small children.  Actually, I think the video displays pretty well how the new design of the Seat Alhambra makes life much easier for all types of groups.  Whoever you'll be traveling with, you can get the lowest rates on a Seat Alhambra car rental through

Among the additions to the 2011 version of the Seat Alhambra that make the vehicle more adaptable to a wider range of passengers are its tall and wide sliding doors.  Having nice, big, truly adult sized seats in the rear two rows isn't enough, you need to be able to get some adults back there.  Sight seeing is so much more enjoyable when you can actually get in and out of your ground transportation to see the sights!  

The video also displays Seat's new, incredibly well thought out seat adaptions.  Parents will love the integrated toddler seats, and those with less than seven passengers but a bit more cargo will really appreciate the ease with which these seats fold.  Many widely available 7 seater car rentals such as the Volkswagen Touran or Renault Espace have similar seat adaptability, but as you can see in the video the Alhambra car rental features seats that can fold down with minimal effort.

The year, make, and model of your next car rental vehicle really depends on the car rental providers in your desired destination.  Most will carry some sort of multi passenger vehicle, and many will carry the same make and model of car hire of varying model years.  You can check in our car rental vehicles section which generally notes the companies who update their fleet each year.

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