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2012 Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid

The alternative fuel movement is picking up speed, quite literally.  While the world is becoming increasingly aware of the problems with petroleum and engineers are scrambling to find and prove the next big fuel source, auto manufacturers have rolled out a few green vehicles, and some of them are turning heads.  Although real change is still a ways away, my hopes are high that 2012 will be the year more car rental providers add hybrid and alternative fuel cars to their car hire fleets.

And when they do, I hope to see the New Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid car rental among them.  Is it the most fuel efficient car in the U.S.?  No, but that's not this car's pitch.  It appears that the new Touareg Hybrid wants to be a luxury performance vehicle that just happens to get far better fuel economy than it's competition.

When you're looking for the perfect car hire for your next vacation what are some of your necessities?  Do you need comfortable space and seating for four or more?  Check.  Does your spring or summer holiday location require a 4 wheel drive car rental?  Check.  Are you likely to pay more for a luxury vehicle over the more economical option?  Check.  When you seal this car rental deal with an electric efficiency backed by a powerful combustion engine and huge savings over it's non-hybrid competitors, the new Volkswagen Touareg begins to make a lot more sense.

Actually, it doesn't quite have any competitors yet.  Keep your eyes open for hybrid car rentals in your next holiday destination.  You can find out if any are available and get the absolute lowest car rental rates when you book online through

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