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What Happy Travelers Do Differently

Happy travelers can be found in popular destinations around the world.  Virtually anywhere you can rent a car you can find happy people from out of town completely enjoying themselves or find an ideal review written by a tourist who must have made all the right travel choices.  So how can you have the best holiday possible this year?  You simply decide to, that's how.

It might sound ridiculous at first, but the reality of the situation is that everyone decides what kind of experience they will have in the world.  Inspired by the 12 Things Happy People Do Differently, today I bring you my top three things I believe happy travelers do differently:

1.  Follow the Moment

During your next vacation by car rental I encourage you to allow yourself to get lost in the moment, lose track of time, and let your guard down.  This is not to say you should head out without plans or reservations.  Please, I wouldn't want you to miss an opportunity to save money by booking things online in advance like a car hire, or to find yourself without admission to the top area attractions because you were trying to fly by the seat of your pants.  I'm merely saying that when the good times start rolling you should roll with them.

2.  Completely Appreciate Your Vacation

Don't begrudge your Ford Focus rental car because you couldn't afford a Mercedes, or lose sight of the beauty of your ski resort in Les Alpes because you couldn't make the trip to Switzerland.  Take time to appreciate the people, things, and scenery you so carefully chose for your precious down time, from the waitress who brings your coffee to the beautiful mountains in the distance; they were all part of your original plan when you decided to have a good time during your travels.

3.  Journal Your Highlights

How do Happy Travelers remember all the great details of their trips?  They write them down.  Maybe not all of them, but if you're going to make lasting memories they might as well be of the best times you can have.  Bring along a small travel journal and commit to writing down all highlights and nothing but, you'll thank yourself and have a fonder recollection in a few years.

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