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Travel Sickness by Car Rental


Sickness can strike at any moment but if you suffer from motion sickness you might not be looking forward to your next trip by car rental as much you could be.  Not to fret, there are many options available aside from motion sickness tablets which can have an effect on your driving abilities.  Go ahead and enjoy your travels by car rental even more with great savings from

Motion Sickness Remedies

Some of the fastest and easiest remedies for motion sickness are completely free and generally always available, such as fresh air and eating a mild and light diet while on the road.  Other easy and natural remedies include ginger in the form of tea, tablets, or crystalized ginger; pressure point straps that putt pressure on specific parts of the body (check out the BioBands wrist band) that are known to relieve motion sickness, or even drinking ice-cold water.  

For Babies and Small Children

On a recent trip by car hire my 2 year old became very ill.  We had a long way to go down a windy road and then had to do it all again in the opposite direction the next day!  I was not able to give her any ginger, which is a great option for kids, but we did find belly breathing to be very effective.  If you're planning a road trip with kids part of your preparation could include this fun video about how to belly breathe by Sesame Street.  

When It's Not Motion Sickness

You can find what you need to help an upset stomach or disturbed digestion from travel in most pharmacies.  The best things to do is get extra rest, drink lots of water,  and stick to a mild and light diet.  If symptoms persist make sure you get driving directions to a clinic or hospital and consult a professional.

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