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Travel Accessories for Car Hire or Plane

You have your airline tickets, your car rental has been reserved, but do you have everything you need for the journey? Some travelers swear by their favorite travel pillow for long rides in a car hire or on a plane, their favorite earbuds for tuning out travel noise, or the best cases and bags to stay organized while on the road.

Prevent neck pain and get some rest while on the road in your car rental or on a plane with a nice, comfortable neck pillow. This Deluxe Travel Pillow for $30 is available from many stores online but we found it with free shipping from

Need to fit a bunch of clothes into one suitcase? Try those amazing vacuum-pack bags. has a set of 12 Samsonite bags for just $30. Just remember to weigh your bags before you take them to the airport, because while these are excellent at getting more stuff into a suitcase you won't save any money by taking less luggage if you have to pay super high fees for one overweight bag. However, if you're taking a car hire instead of flying, go for it!

I just love this Headrest Clothing Strap from Case Logic! I think this is great for road trips, out of town business occasions, or just to have anytime you might be in a car hire. The old way of hanging your jacket or nice cloths over the windows is dangerous because it gives the driver an extra huge blind spot. Its super important to be able to have an unobstructed view all the way around your car rental vehicle while driving, and now with these nifty headrest clothing straps for just $5, there's no excuse!

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