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The Hunt for Travel Deals


Finding the best deals on travel can take a serious time investment and drive you crazy if you let it!  I know first hand, I spent a full 8 hour day last week working on my travel plans for an upcoming vacation!  With all the flight watching for low fares, hotel comparisons, and tours to book it is nice to know that you can come to one place to quickly get the lowest rates on car rental at

I had many options to consider on my upcoming trip, which will include destinations in Mexico and the United States, and wanted to make my travel from destination to destination as well as around the city as affordable as possible, yet comfortable with a young child.  Pretty much every traveler, right?  As frustrating as it was, I found great deals from places like InterJet, a new Mexican airline that is seriously putting out competitive rates and driving the price of flights down!  Interjet begins flights from Mexico City to JFK Airport in New York this August as low as $187!

The airline you choose, and thus the airports they fly to might be a factor on where you pick up your car rental, which can be another way to save.  Not all airport car rentals cost the same.  A 7 seater Ford Galaxy car rental can vary more than $100 per week from different New England airports, depending on when you visit.  So many variables!

I also looked into alternatives to domestic flights within the United States.  I thought it would be fun to take a train from one city to another, but unfortunately the United States Amtrak railway system leaves much to be desired.  The trains are beautiful and offer excellent amenities over taking the bus such as cafe cars and wifi, but there were too many train changes to my destination and the overnight trains were pricier than I thought they should be.  At greater or equal to the cost to fly, I took the option that takes the shortest time.

You can save the most time and money on your upcoming travel plans by booking a car rental online through


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