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See Norway's Northern Lights


If you're looking for the kind of natural wonders on your next tour by car rental that make you say "Wow!  I can't believe that is real!"  then you might want to reserve a car rental from Oslo Gardermoen Airport in Norway to see the unbelievably beautiful Northern Lights.

I found the music on VisitNorway.Com to be a lovely musical interpretation of what the movement of these mystical lights looks like in the skies of Norway.  Calling itself the land of the Northern Lights, Norway is one of several countries where the lights are visible, but it happens to have an area with little light pollution and optimal conditions that make viewing for the average tourist by car rental in Norway very accessible.

Taking your next travels along the lines of myths and legends, the Northern Lights are definitely a wonder to inspire you.  A phenomena created by electrically-charged particles from the sun colliding with gasses in the Earth's atmosphere, the Northern Lights are technically present all the time, though their visibility depends on a few factors.  

The best time for travelers by car hire in Norway to view the lights is on a night with clear skies, a few hours before and after midnight.  During October, February, and March you have the best chance to see the Aurora Borealis, but there are also spectacular flares of the Northern Lights at roughly a 27 day cycle, following the active area on the sun's surface.  Save the most money on your visit to Norway with a cheap car rental through

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