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Plan your Escape from Winter Cold


As the temperature is steadily dropping, fall is in full swing, and winter just around the corner, many of us begin dreaming of a warmer respite from the cold.  If you are among those who would like to spend your winter vacation in some place with a little more sunshine than home I have a few excellent suggestions for you.  There are more than enough beautiful tropical destinations that never see the snow for everyone to rent a car hire in the sun this winter.

The Beach

Though it may seem a bit cliche to travel to a beach in December, that won't stop you from enjoying every ray of warm sun on your back, every grain of sand between your toes, and the relaxing sound of ocean waves.  Our list of the Top 10 Winter Sun Holidays features a few excellent beach locations, such as Gran Canary Island, Fuerteventura, and Jamaica, but there are plenty more!  Pick up a car rental from the San Jose Airport in Costa Rica and be less than 3 hours drive from popular beaches, and with in a day's drive to literally dozens of diverse beach locations.

The City

For some the warmth of the sun is best accompanied by world class museums and attractions, plenty of shopping options, and an active nightlife.  For those who prefer to stay warm but could give or take the beach we suggest you pick up a car rental from Athens Airport in Greece or Honolulu Airport in Hawaii.  Both locations offer plenty of non-beach related city attractions and both will be welcomingly warm.

Fake It

Of course, you can always fake it and plan a stay at Tropical Islands, Europe's largest tropical holiday world.  Located just outside of Berlin, Tropical Islands offers all the delights of a Tropical Island even in the dead of European winter, complete with a tropical rainforest, tropical sauna and spa complex, and entertainment.

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