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Local Flavors by car hire

Traveling is the perfect time to experience all the most unique food items from around the world.  Wine tasting destinations are gaining in popularity, and they are an excellent way to get to know more about an area and taste some of the local cuisine as well as the local grapes.  While a wine tour is the perfect way to experience parts of Spain, France, and even California, what about areas which aren't particularly known for their wine?  Pick up a car rental in your next destination and seek out the local flavor.

The best way to find delicious, locally grown fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy products, and often much more is by visiting a local farmer's market.  This short video tells a bit about the farmers market in Bath.  You can make the Bath Farmers market by car rental from Bristol Airport.  Bath has several very nice restaurants, and if they're serving local foods they're probably buying them from these farmers.  Even if you don't plan on buying a great deal you can always stop by and talk to the vendors and maybe taste a few items.

From Costa Rica to Boston, local food producers in the Americas also gather to sell their goods directly to the public.  Ask around in your next destination.  At farmers markets the savvy traveler can try local varieties of apples, heirloom tomatoes and squash, unique fruits like pejibaye and pitanga.  It helps to have a car rental for visiting these types of gatherings, as well as for dining in many of the establishments that sell local goods as they are often out of the way. 

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