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Life Hacks: Beach Holiday Part 2


If you're anything like me you've been looking forward to your beach holiday by car rental all year.  You bought your swimsuit last September to catch the sale price, you've planned for just about everything including what you'll have for dinner at the resort, but the last thing that might have crossed your mind to plan for is how uncomfortable the beach can actually be.  That's right, I said it; between the sand, sunshine, heat, and salt water a trip to the beach can be a scorched and abrasive event leaving you uncomfortable all over.  Here are a few helpful hints to add to the list of Life Hacks: Beach Holiday.

The Powder Solution

Don't let that pesky sand hitchhike all the way back to your hotel!  Ditch it completely before you get back into the car rental for a more comfortable ride and fresher feel through the rest of your vacation with a little talcum powder.  It works in shoes, in bathing suits, on skin, and you can even put a little on your hands and run them through your locks to remove sand from your hair!  

Forget The Flip Flops

Thong sandals are notorious for blowing out in the sand.  This is basic physics; as you step forward the sand puts weight on the front of the shoe causing it to pull on the thong.  This not only wears out the shoes but is bad for your feet.  The trick is finding shoes that come up and over the toes but are easy to clean.  Check out the various beach styles of Crocks, which are super easy to de-sand and won't leave you barefoot from a blowout.

Shade for the Car Hire

I've had everything from the tint on my sunglasses to tupperware melt in a hot car.  The safest place for all your belongings while you're on the beach is in the boot, but the problem is a lot of the most popular beach car rentals such as 4x4 car hires and convertible car rentals don't have much boot to speak of.  In this instance it is important to shade the car as much as possible.  This foldable sunshade from will not only fit nicely and weightlessly in your luggage, but it costs less than $4 USD!  You can't beat that!

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