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How to Cart or Carry a Baby While Traveling

Traveling with a child can be an enjoyable experience, but it can also be difficult and at times quite tiring, especially if they are still young and not yet walking or they tire quickly.  Getting arou8nd th7e city is easy with a car rental, but for walking around museums and visiting tourist attractions it is veryhelpful to have a way to cart or carry a child who does not want to walk all the time.

Strollers are excellent in many situations, but you will need to rent a car with a boot larg enough to accommodate the stroller you plan to use.  I discussed the best types of strollers for travel by car rental in a previous post, and I recommend a foldible umbrella style stroller for most travel.

If your car rental has the cargo room of a Mini Cooper don't fret, there are still several excellent ways to carry a baby or tired toddler that will keep your hands free for your camera and wallet.  Wearing your baby in a carrier has many benefits beyond practicality.  It is actually an excellent way to encourage their development, build self conficence, and is a great way to strengthen a healthy bond with your child.  One of the most popular baby carrier brands, Ergobaby, is a company with a lot of passion for bonding and healthy attachment.  Similar carriers are available around the world such as the Boba, and this style is the best for hiking or walking long hours due to its ergonomic design and weight distribution to the hips.

During my trip to Mexico I saw women (and even children) everywere using Rebozos.  A long, scarf-like fabric, the rebozo can be worn in many different ways and is often used to carry a variety of things as well as babies.  The main benefits of a Rebozo or other wrap style carriers is their versitility and portability.  Lightweight and beathable, both you and baby will be comfortable when wrapped and tied, and when not in use it can easily fit in most day packs or purses.  It is best to get some help learning how to tie it securely from an experienced sales person, and learn a couple different ways. 

Enjoy the fun and exciting way to help your kids learn and experience the world through travel with a cheap car hire from

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