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Finding Inspiration by car rental

In a somewhat random browsing moment I happened to follow a link on Facebook today to this self empowerment website.  While I tend to enjoy finding sources of inspiration and am always open to new motivational ideas, I don't generally sit around on facebook clicking on every link to this and that unknown website.  What struck me when I visited the site was their advice about finding places that inspire you as part of "manifesting your potential."  I like that.  Why not follow your inspiration by car rental?

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Have you been searching for ways to increase your income?  Hate your job?  This coming vacation season could be the perfect opportunity for you to try a new lifestyle on for size. lists Paris, Shanghai, and Buenos Aires as their suggestions, but I think wherever you ideal Winter Holiday by car rental is would be the perfect place to start.  I'm not suggesting everyone pickup and move to Germany because they love beer and skiing, but that you go there and see what it is about that lifestyle that attracts you and see how you could bring more of it into your daily routine.

Another excellent suggestion on the list is "a working ranch or organic herb farm."  With the rising food costs and awareness of organics droves of people are becoming interested in this very legitimate and necessary field.  Does this mean you shouldn't dive in because too many others already have the idea?  No way!  It means that worlds of opportunities are opening up for us to all work together on a common ground.  Spend your vacation by car rental from your home town and take a drive to the nearest working farm that will accept interns, volunteers, or tourists.  There are a myriad of skills needed in farm operations and the only way to find out where you fit is to insert yourself into that situation.  This goes for most any vocation, by the way. 

Taking a trip by car rental to a place, be it a geographical location, vocation, or situational atmosphere that attracts you is a perfectly legitimate way to spend this upcoming winter holiday.  You can get ideas for places to go from the commonly inspirational cities in our Travel Guide section.

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