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Economical Car Rental in Europe

There are several ways in which you can make renting a hire car in Europe more economical than public transportation or taking trains across the countryside. With railpasses rising every year picking up your cheap car hire from convenient locations such as Lyon Airport for a tour of the French country side, or a Hannover Airport car hire in Germany become more appealing for budget travelers. But how do you justify the cost?

For any tour through the countryside a car rental will easily run circles around trains. One way to see the savings is by locating budget accommodations in small towns and away from the train lines. You can also head out during peak season with no hotel reservation. Though risky, a car rental allows you to simply drive to the next town when all the rooms are full.

Another way your Euro-tour can be more economically done in a rental car is if you are traveling with a few friends. Four adults splitting the cost of a car hire can easily be half the price of 4 rail passes, depending on where you are traveling.  However you don't have to just stop at four!  There are several multi passenger car rental options that are designed with all adult-sized seats and can be very comfortable.  Check out the new 3+3 seater cars such as the Honda FRV car rental.

Lastly, go for a long term rental deal and book in advanced from home. Car rental contracts in Europe are for a 24 hour day, but most companies offer a more economical week option with unlimited mileage. Typically, the longer you rent for the less it costs per day. There is also the amazing convenience of a rail-and-drive pass which allows you to rent a car one day at a time at one-seventh the average weekly rate.

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