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Eco Tips for Travelers by Car Rental


It can be hard to stay eco-friendly and reduce the amount of paper, styrofoam, and plastic you throw away when traveling.  Even if you stop to eat meals in restaurants or bring along snacks, it's all too easy to pile up the disposable to-go cups from airports and drive-through restaurants for things to keep you going like coffee, tea, and smoothies as you drive the car rental.  

The Perfect Way To Top It Off

Sustainable materials that don't leach chemicals are the best choice for all beverages, and especially the hot ones.  For the most perfectly sustainable, perfectly drinkable, and perfectly to go drinking cup get yourself any old canning jar and top it off with a stainless steel lid.  EcoJarz drinking lids for canning jars is a new and super-versatile way to take your drinks on the go.  The lids fit on virtually any glass canning jar and are made to fit with an awesome stainless steel drinking straw for easier drinking while driving the car rental!

Filtered and Fresh

I've been a big fan of stainless steel drinking bottles for years, which I still think are excellent, but when traveling by car rental I love the peace of mind and fresh flavor I get with my Bobble water bottle.  If you aren't familiar with carbon-filtered water you should be.  It has such a clean, fresh taste.  Many major cities have municipal water that, while technically drinkable, is still full of contaminants which are no good for you and make the water taste icky, leading many travelers to buy tons of disposable bottled water just to get through their vacation.  Pack a bobble and enjoy the fresh taste of carbon-filtered water wherever you may be driving by car rental. 

Caring Car Rentals

You may be thinking "Isn't all travel terrible for the environment?"  Here at CarHireX we do what we can to reduce our impact.  Through our partnership with we work to reduce the negative impact of travel by car rental on the environment.

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